The School of Community Leadership is Watoto Church's leadership development programme for professionals in various fields.

It exists to equip leaders to be 'Change Agents in their Spheres of Influence, Communities and the Nation'. It has a year-long 'Transformational Leadership' Program which is highly interactive, convenient, and effective learning platform, facilitating leadership growth in the areas highlighted below:


Leadership Growth Areas

SCL Program Modules


Leading Self

a) Worldviews

b) 7 Habits of Highly Effective people


Leading Others

c) Servant Leadership

d) Team Leadership


Leading Organizational Change

e) Creating Positive Change


Transforming Communities

f) Leading Community Change

g) Transformation Project



-A middle level to Senior level Management in any Corporate Organizations, Government, Local Communities, and Churches.

-A leader serving within the Spheres of Politics & Governance, Education, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Science & Technology, Family, Health, Business & Finance that is passionate about seeing them transformed for Christ.

-A member of Watoto Church and belonging to a Cell

Therefore, if you are looking to grow your leadership ability with a Christ centered foundation and be equipped on how to effectively bring about positive transformation in your family, workplace, community, and Nation; sign up today for our 2023 Program that starts on 14th March 2023. Register HERE or write to or Limited slots are available, register early. 


Edward Sabuka's Testimony

"I am Edward and was a Student of School of community leadership intake 12 in Kampala. It was great being part of the school of community leadership, my greatest desire and hope as the course progressed was that I would not drop out. Meaning that, I wanted to be different not only physically, socially, spiritually but also financially. Through the SCL, a vision to produce and sell was born."

"As I write I have launched a company that produces and sells a product called PROFIX TILE ADHESIVE used for fixing of Ceramic floor and wall tiles. It is already on the Ugandan market. It's a product am personally manufacturing with locally available raw materials and best additives from Germany. The driving force behind it all was the motivation I got as a result of being part of the School of Community Leadership and on the day Barbra Ofwono, the Victorious Schools' Director shared her testimony with our class. I have started small, not a lot is visible yet, but the vision is big in fact very big."

Idah Ssentamu's Testimony

Greetings in the name of Jesus and thanks for the great work especially in School of Community Leadership. "I have been blessed by being part of this school and I have learnt a lot. I used to fall more on the management side and did not know that it has to be combined with leadership in order to perform better, so after this study i have greatly improved in my management because i have learnt to relate with people well. I am an introvert. I have been employed part time for 6 months by the company I wrote about in my assignment of transforming an organisation. It is challenging but as I apply what I learnt I am seeing a great change in me and the organisation. Proper accountability and team work has been lacking so that is the area I felt the Lord lead me to handle. I found that for three months they have not been balancing their sales and expenses and they had many excuses which to me did not stand, and they were so defensive."

"I started on 1st July and i work Thursday and Friday and sometimes Saturday if there is a lot of work. The Spirit led me to fast 3 days a week for these six months on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, it has not been easy the first two weeks but now i am managing, by God's grace. I thank God that the leadership, management and all staff are noticing an improvement in this one month we have been together. We hold meetings on Thursday evening for management and on Friday morning for staff. Staff are being put in their rightful areas where they can operate better and staff attitudes have improved greatly."